Keep Clients Engaged & Informed

Keep Clients Engaged & Informed

Clozio offers robust notification preferences to help top producers alleviate 3 common pain points:

  1. It's time consuming to keep clients engaged and informed
  2. It's hard to track everything across all transactions
  3. It's frustrating when cooperating agents aren't on the same page

We'll tackle each of these pain points individually to make sure you're getting the most value out of the system and that Clozio is working for you.

We know that your clients are unique and how you interact with them may vary. On your transaction hub, the Notification Preferences section allows you to customize the day, time, and frequency of updates sent to your clients. I recommend customizing the default preferences in your profile to avoid having to manually change them with each transaction.

Note: emails to your clients will only include updates on the activities that are shared with them (NOT everything that you see). To confirm which activities are shared with your clients, simply toggle into edit mode, as explained in this video.

Track Everything Across All Transactions

We know that your days are busy and you may not remember to check Clozio. No problem! You can schedule a daily recap email under Notification Preferences in your profile to keep you up-to-date with everything happening across all your transactions in Clozio. Or, you can download the iOS app and receive push notifications right to your fingertips!

Stay Aligned with Cooperating Professionals

Let Clozio automatically invite cooperating agents and their teams to ensure that everybody is marching toward the same deadline! Sound great? Perfect! Prefer to invite them manually, no problem? Just disable the setting to Invite Other Professionals Automatically under Notification Preferences in your profile.

Note: cooperating professionals will only see appointments and contractual event deadlines, not your tasks nor your clients' contact info.

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