Simplify Everything, From Pre-List to Close.

Custom checklists that keep you (and your team) on-track. Elegant calendars to keep your clients informed and engaged. All in one central place.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Our tools centralize all of your personal transaction checklists and escrow timelines in one place. Clozio allows you to always know where to focus so nothing ever slips through the cracks. Stop worrying about your busy work; start managing your transactions.

Beautifully Designed

Invest Your Time And Energy Where It Matters Most.

Build Trust

As much as you are thinking about your clients and their satisfaction, so are we. We create transparency for the blackbox of listing and escrow, helping you make your clients feel confident and prepared.

Clients Come First

We get it! Your time is most valuable when it’s invested in relationships with people, not post-its. We help you track, manage, and complete your work from anywhere, so you can invest more time with your clients without falling behind on existing transactions.

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Deliberately Simple

Make Your Transaction A Checklist, Not a Stresslist

Stay on Track

Don’t spend time worrying and reacting while leaving your clients anxious and confused. Clozio gives top professionals one place to manage all of their to do lists and timelines on-the-go, while keeping every transaction on track.

Get More Done, Faster

From scheduling inspections to managing contractors, Clozio offers execution services so you can spend more time focusing on generating business.

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Our tools help successful real estate professionals manage their transactions from A-Z.  Clozio makes your process simple and predictable.

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Clozio helps me keep everything on track, providing timely to do lists and comprehensive visibility across transactions.
Daniella Estrada Magaña
Walnut Creek, CA
I’ve only been using Clozio for a couple of months and I’ve already noticed a huge difference in the quality of my service.
Robert Parker
Berkeley, CA