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Deliver an exceptional client experience while simplifying your busy work

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Win more listings.
Earn more Referrals
Earn more referrals.
Recover Valuable time
Recover valuable time.

Do you worry about...

Tracking the small details.
Earning more referrals
Building trust with seller leads

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Earning more referrals?
Building trust with
seller leads?
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Tracking the small

If so, we get it. And we’re here to help you grow your business -- building trust with seller leads, earning more referrals, and tracking the small details without the hassle of more
disparate systems and manual steps.

Growing your business
can be a reality

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Reinvest hours working on
your business, not in it!

Anatomy of a transaction hub

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  1. Never miss another deadline
  2. Access everyone's info from a central
  3. Tasks keep you on-track and make your success repeatable
  4. Share valuable resources with clients
  5. Add appointments to your calendar
  6. Tour Management gives you and your sellers control of showings without being in the middle of the process
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Exceptional service earns referrals

Top agents, teams, and brokerages across the country strive to provide an exceptional, referral-worthy service. Aspiring to provide an exceptional service though is not enough, agents must deliver. Too often, ...agents oscillate between busy and bored: they are franticly busy for a month or two, then predictably bored and nervous. Here's why: delivering on a commitment to service can be time-consuming.

Agents spend lots of energy building client relationships and nurturing leads until they all go under-contract seemingly simultaneously. Without adequate systems in place, their entire focus then shifts to getting those deals closed - focusing exclusively on that month's business and ignoring their future business. This creates a roller-coaster of emotions (and paychecks), constantly bouncing between success and failure. To break this cycle, Clozio help agents streamline their Transaction Productivity (not to be confused with Transaction Management, which primarily helps Brokers oversee more agents). Transaction Productivity allows agents to focus on building their pipeline, not just closing their current deal.

Agents also face a success dilemma: providing a better service yields more referrals, which results in more clients, leaving less time for each client. For too many, this results in a worse experience for their clients. This is readily apparent for agents who only receive referrals from the clients that they work with during their slower months. Clozio streamlines client communication, creates transparency, and reduces repetitive questions, allowing agents to provide a better service in less time.

5 step guide to unlocking
transaction productivity

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