Activity Overview

Activity Overview

Clozio has 3 different types of activities in the system: events, appointments, and tasks. Here, we’ll review them all in detail to ensure we’re all speaking the same language.

  • Events are contractual “things” that must be tracked to keep everything on track and everyone on the same page. These include milestones (e.g. offer date, acceptance date, closing date, etc.), contingencies (e.g. loan contingency, appraisal contingency, etc.), and other events (e.g. earnest money deposit deadline). Events can be added to transactions one at a time or in bulk. Read how here.

  • Appointments are exactly what you’d expect: a time and place to meet someone to achieve something. Common examples include inspections, signing, open houses, etc. Read how to add appointments here.

  • Pro feature: Tasks are things that someone needs to get done. If you can “mark it done” on a post-it, then it’s probably a task. Tasks may overlap with some events (e.g. “Earnest Money deposit deadline” is an event, while “deliver EMD” is a common task). Tasks resonate best when they start with a verb (e.g. Schedule inspections, Deliver deposit, Route docs for signing, Order appraisal, etc.). Tasks are both created, and later completed. Read how to create individual tasks here. Want to complete or edit an existing task? Read about that here.

  • Pro feature: Smart Checklists are basically task templates, on steroids. They allow pro users to create and organize tasks just like any other template. What makes them smart is the workflow concepts embedded. Because each transaction is similar at a high-level, but unique at the task-level, smart checklists allow users to create different “branches” in their process so that one template can be applied dynamically across all transactions. Smart Checklists also allow users to trigger tasks and set deadlines dynamically based on other data in the system. For example, want to trigger marketing tasks on the day you expect to receive photos? Do it. Want to set a task deadline dynamically based on an escrow event? Do it. Smart Checklists capture your process, dynamically. Learn how to create and import Smart Checklists here.

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