Add an Appointment

Add an Appointment

A. Let’s add an Appointment

  1. Click on the “+” sign
  2. Select “Add Appointment”

B. Provide appointment info

  1. Set your appointment start date and start time
  2. Set your appointment end date and end time
  3. Set Reminder minutes for when you want invitees to be reminded by their calendar
  4. Send Invite From allows Basic and Pro users to send the appointment invitation from their google calendar instead of ours. Standard users (free plan) will have appointments sent to invitees from DoNotReply@cloz.io
NOTE: If you’re on the Standard (free) plan, don’t forget to include yourself as an Invitee if you want to receive a copy of the invite! If you’re on a paid plan but don’t see your calendar as an option, please check out this guide for how to enable your calendar sync in your profile.
  1. Add everyone that should attend the appointment (e.g. your client)
  2. Toggle the visibility to ensure your client’s timeline includes/excludes the appointment correctly.
NOTE: Adding someone as an invitee will send a calendar invitation, which will show up everywhere their calendar is synced (e.g. their phone and/or computer). Toggling visibility determines whether or not your clients can see it on their timeline. For an owner-occupied home, you will likely want to both invite your client to the photography appointment (with comments in the description to keep the house sparkling clean for this appointment) and make it visible on the timeline. If vacant, you likely would not invite them, but would still want it visible on the timeline. If you’re blocking time on your own calendar for dropping off flyers, you may or may not want it visible on their timeline.

C. In this example we will add a stager to the appointment. Click NEW CONTACT and choose the type of contact you want to add; click on OTHER for more options:

D. We are looking for a Stager, so let’s go ahead and look for it in MARKETING

NOTE:  These are the contact types currently available under each category:

Inspector: General Home, Roof, Pest, Fireplace / Chimney, Soil / Land, Pool, Sewer, Energy/ Water, Underground Storage Tank, Natural Hazards Discl.

Cleaner / Prep: Cleaner, House Cleaner, Carper Cleaner, Landscaper, Movers.

Marketing: Stager, Photographer, Videographer, Sign Post Installer, Printer, Website Builder.

Real Estate Professional: Assistant, Lender, Mortgage Broker, Appraiser, Title Representative, Escrow Assistant.

Repairs: Handyperson, Plumber, Electrician, HVAC, Painter, General Contractor.

Have someone else that doesn’t match one of these? No problem! Choose “Other Service Provider”

E. Select your contact type

F. Enter their contact information and click SUBMIT

G. Click SUBMIT to create the appointment

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