Here at Clozio, everything we do is to help our high-producing agents streamline their business, and wow their clients. Part of that work is curating helpful industry insights to improve the level of service we can all provide to those we interact with on a daily basis. These are the top 6 Clozio blogs from 2019, ranked by popularity and reader feedback. Oh, and there is a bonus blog all the way at the end, too!

  1. How real estate professionals can provide memorable service like the Ritz-Carlton

How do REALTORS® set themselves apart from the hundreds of other agents who are competing for the same clients? By providing second-to-none customer service. The two most important methods are going above and beyond and anticipating your clients’ needs. This principle backs one of Clozio’s slogans which is #howtowow. In this blog, learn to wow your client and create a customer for life.

  1. 2020 C.A.R. Housing Market Forecast

We’ve made it one month into 2020—are the market trends forecasted last fall coming to fruition, or are you seeing different trends at play? What role are supply and demand, employment, and consumer confidence playing? While nobody can predict the future, these forces, explained Leslie Appleton-Young, the Chief Economist at C.A.R., will be a driving force behind REALTORS® business this year.

  1. Clozio Announces New Productivity Tool Suite

Last summer, Clozio announced its biggest product improvement to date, which has become the hallmark of our client-wowing software. The app now allows agents, brokers, support staff, and transaction coordinators to collaborate effortlessly, while providing personalized, real-time updates to their buyers and sellers. Clients are used to easy-to-use, time-saving digital solutions for the home search and the contract-signing process, but timelines remained confusing until our app stepped into that void.

  1. Recap: C.A.R. CEO Joel Singer’s Keynote at REimagine 2019

Challenge = Opportunity. The Clozio team attended Joel Singer’s keynote address at the REimagine conference last fall. The strong leader who has deftly weathered the market’s highs and lows for decades addressed agent uncertainty. He acknowledged that the majority of agents are feeling anxious about where the market is heading, and then provided a dose of reassurance and some concrete solutions.

  1. 6 Tips for Combating Commission Compression

Agents all over the country are worried about discount brokerages and the ripple effect that business model has on the industry. Our CEO Matt Ross outlined some strategies to combat the trend of shrinking agent commissions. These strategies are at the art of everything Clozio does: allowing you to wow clients to create high-yielding repeat and referral business.

  1. Productivity Hacks: Daily Habits of High Achievers

Michael Hellickson, the Founder of Club Wealth, presented at the C.A.R. convention and shared a few systems with agents. First, he outlines the ultimate goal: how to stop working and have your investments work for you. Second, he provides systems that maximize productivity at the daily level: maximizing working time now so later, business finds you instead of you prospecting for business. Check the blog to learn how.  

  1. Bonus Blog: San Francisco Recommendations

The National Association of REALTORS® conference was in San Francisco last year, and Clozio rounded up a blog post of locals’ favorites to help guide visitors from out of town! If you live in the Bay Area, or will be visiting soon—definitely add this to your reading list!

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