Viewing & Adding Transactions

Viewing & Adding Transactions

Transactions List on Home Page

A. From here, you can:

  • View Transaction Summary (pro tip - these stages are also filters. Go ahead - click on one to filter the transaction list below!)
  • View Transaction List, including address, all stakeholders, and stage.
  • Click on the address to launch it’s transaction hub
  • Click on a stage to update it
  • Start New Transactions

Start A New Transaction

Note - this should take ~10 minutes if you’re following the guide. Going forward, it should take ~3 minutes or less to setup a new transaction.

Click START NEW TRANSACTION from the home screen:

B. On the left, type in the property address. If it’s not found (e.g. new construction), you can add it manually on the right.

C. Validate the address - check the map to make sure it looks good. You can add an Apt/Suite/Unit if needed, then click CONTINUE:

D. Choose which side of the transaction you are on:

E. Choose the current stage of your transaction:

F. Next, add other stakeholders. By clicking on the plus sign within each team, add your client and any cooperating agents

  1. Click on the plus sign
  2. Click ADD NEW CONTACT (next time, the contact will be ready in your drop-down list)

G. Type in their information.

  1. If your contact has more than one contact number, you can add that second number by clicking on +CONTACT
  2. For clients, you can decide whether to invite them now or later
  3. Click SUBMIT

H. Make sure you have all the contacts you want included, then click CONTINUE:

I. Here you can choose which events you would like to add to your transaction

  1. Choose your events and click on them
  2. Click CONTINUE

J. Now you can choose the dates for the events you have just chosen.

  1. On the left side, you can choose a specific date. Or, let us calculate one for you using the info on the right (#2-6)
  2. Enter the “lag” from your contract (e.g. if closing is 30 days after Acceptance, then your lag is 30)
  3. Click to toggle between “Calendar” and “Business” day
  4. Click to toggle between “After” and “Before”
  5. Choose the  “base date” we should add the lag to (e.g. typically “Acceptance date” when under contract)
  6. Click to toggle between “No Adjustment”, “Next Business Day” and “Prior Business Day” for calendar day lags (i.e. if 30 days after acceptance falls on a weekend or holiday, how would you like us to handle it?)
  7. Once you have all your dates ready, click ADD

Pro users with smart checklists setup for the transaction’s current stage will have an opportunity to import their applicable smart checklist(s) on the next screen. (Basically, we apply a template of tasks to guide their work for the transaction). More on that later...

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