Transaction Timeline & Details

Transaction Timeline & Details

Adding Activities & Other Info

A. Add your Escrow/Settlement Number or other reference number

  1. Click on the pencil under your transaction stage and type in your Escrow Number
  2. Click the adjacent button to save changes

B. Scrolling to the bottom of your timeline, you have the option to add a single event (e.g. a miscellaneous contingency), multiple events, appointments, a single task and smart checklists.

Click here to learn more about each of the activities in Clozio, and how to add them to your Transaction Hub

C. On the bottom right, you can add some Other Info, like useful links for your client:

  1. Expand USEFUL LINKS
  2. Click + to show options

Pro Tip: Pro users can save their favorite links to their profile! See how here.

D. Add your link:

  1. Provide a name that makes it recognizable (e.g. Listing Docs)
  2. Type in your link (e.g. https://www.dropbox.com/share/Xyz123abc)
  3. Set visibility
  4. Click SUBMIT:

E. Add details about the property.

  1. Expand PROPERTY DETAILS, then click the pencil to edit it
  2. Click the adjacent button to save changes:

F. Now that you have your transaction set up, invite your client (if you didn’t already)! Click on the airplane paper next to their name to send the invitation:

That's it! Easy as ABC, right? Now that you know how to setup your profile and create new transactions, go add all your current transactions!

If you’d like to explore some additional features, we recommend reviewing these additional resources:

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