Getting Started

Getting Started

So you have an account - congrats! But now what? Ironically, you’re likely too busy to learn a new tool, which is exactly why you chose Clozio to help keep your transactions on track.

This guide is organized into a few stages, depending on your availability. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in. And the ROI on time invested in Clozio can be HUGE, so even if you only have 5 minutes today, please bookmark this page and block time in your calendar to revisit later this week.

Getting Started (Time Required: 2 mins)

A. If you have not yet registered, start here. If you have, then login.

B. You are more than just an email address. Navigate to your profile to share a bit more about yourself:

C. Enter your info! We recommend:

  • Name
  • Real Estate License & State
  • Phone Number

Don’t forget to Save.

If you’re on a paid plan (either Basic or Pro), then we can add your personalized branding and configure your productivity tools here as well. That includes:

  • Your headshot
  • Your logo (which replaces Clozio’s entirely when your clients visit your transaction hubs)
  • A complementary accent color
  • Google Calendar integration to send appointments from your own calendar instead of ours when you create them within Clozio
  • Favorite Useful Links (e.g. utility transfers) - pro plan only
  • Smart Checklists (i.e. task templates) - pro plan only

To set these up now, check-out these other useful guides while you’re here:

Personalize your branding here (~3 mins).

Setup and use Favorite Links here (~5 mins).

Setup and user Smart Checklists here (~10 mins to read; 30 mins - 5 hours to set up).

D. Now you are ready to get started on your Transactions! First, go back to the home screen by going to the MENU and selecting TRANSACTIONS

Check out our Transaction guide here for next steps

Clozio Overview Video

How to create a transaction in Clozio! brief overview-

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