4 Step Plan to Prepare Today; Succeed Tomorrow

4 Step Plan to Prepare Today; Succeed Tomorrow:

  1. Refine your Smart Checklists
  2. Customize your Notification Preferences
  3. Turn-on your Google Calendar Sync
  4. Save your favorite Useful Links

Smart Checklists

Clozio tracks 4 key activities for each of your transactions:

  • Tasks (e.g. Schedule this, Order that, etc.)
  • Events (aka Contractual Deadlines; e.g. Buyer's Deposit Deadline)
  • Appointments (e.g. Staging, Photography, Inspections, Walk-throughs, etc.)
  • Tours (aka Showings)

Adding individual tasks to each transaction manually would be a HUGE time investment. Instead, you can setup Smart Checklists in advance (directly from your Profile) and then just "import" them to your transactions, when you're ready. Check-out the videos and tutorials here in our Success Center. Or, just refine one of the samples we've already added to your profile!

Notification Preferences

Keeping track of everything can be time-consuming and stressful. That's why Clozio sends daily/weekly emails to you and/or your clients at a schedule you choose. It's like magic, but real. Set this up in ~2 mins or less under Notification Preferences on your Profile.

Google Calendar Sync

Recalling every date from every transaction off the top of your head would be impossible. And entering them all manually into a Google Calendar is time-consuming. Enter Clozio: once you setup Google Calendar as a Connected App in your Profile, Clozio will automatically add all Events directly to your GCal. Thankfully, this only takes ~30 seconds to do!

Useful Links

Providing your clients with a recommended vendor list, favorite restaurant list, or even just utility connection instructions is helpful. But doing it as a Useful Link within their transaction hub? That's icing on the cake! Luckily, it doesn't have to be hard. You can set up favorite links in advance in your Profile, then import those effortlessly into each transaction.

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