Pro User - Smart Checklist Setup

Pro User - Smart Checklist Setup

Welcome to Pro! Here you have all the standard features from the Starter and Basic plan, plus a suite of productivity tools designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

In this guide, we’ll discuss Smart Checklists (aka task templates).

It should take ~10 minutes to read this guide, but can take users anywhere from 30 mins to several hours to get their smart checklists setup. The more time you invest here, the higher your ROI will be. Note: this is the only time in Clozio that we ask you to invest any real time (we’re “sharpening your blade” here). Let's take a look:

A. Let’s kick off by setting up a Smart Checklist for your transaction. Click on the Menu on the top right, and then click PROFILE:

B. Scrolling down your profile, you should find your Smart Checklists.


2. Click + CHECKLIST:

C. Let’s set it up! In this example we are going to represent a Seller in the Prep Stage.

1. Choose which side of the transaction this checklist will apply to

2. Choose the stage this checklist will apply to

3. Give it a name - get creative and have some fun with it! (Clients don’t see your checklist names)


D. Here you can add your goals and tasks. For our listing prep example, our goals are: Paperwork, Home Prep and Marketing.

NOTE: We recommend organizing “similar tasks” under the same goal. Why? Because after you import your smart checklist to a transaction, the tasks will be grouped by goal and shown in this order as well. When all tasks in a goal are completed, we automatically collapse the goal and show you that everything is done. They also help you focus when you’re scanning your to-do list as well. We recommend grouping 5-10 tasks per goal, but you-do-you!

1. Click on + sign to add some new goals

2. Name them

3. By clicking on the purple dropdown arrow you can expand the box and see the tasks in each goal

4. Made an irreversible mistake? You can delete

5. Click SAVE PROGRESS to Save your Progress without leaving the page

E. Expand the goal box to add tasks

NOTE: We support 4 different task types:

Standard tasks just needs to get done - nothing fancy…

Appointment tasks are only done when something has been scheduled. These tasks cannot be marked as complete until at least one new appointment is scheduled (or an existing appointment is linked)

Multi-Select tasks offer multiple options, and you can select one or more answers. For each answer, you can specify which task(s) are triggered next in the checklist. That’s what makes the smart checklist a dynamic workflow. These tasks are ideal for triggering tasks that are “sometimes” done (e.g. Schedule XYZ Inspection”)

Single-Select tasks operate exactly like Multi-Select tasks, except that you must choose exactly one answer. The recommendation is to ensure single-select task options are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive (e.g. “Confirm Occupancy Status” answers would include all 3 choices: Seller-Occupied, Tenant-Occupied, Vacant; as well as any Yes/No question).

1. Let’s start with a  “Standard” task

2. Add a title

3. You can assign this task for yourself (most common), to someone else, or dynamically to a role in the transaction (important if you plan on sharing this smart checklist with another agent, for example)

4. Select any additional info you would like to capture while completing this task

NOTE: “Additional Info” can be a confusing topic, but makes checklists even smarter. Here’s how it works:
  1. Add additional info to any task if you want to capture that information at the time of completing the task. This data will be required in order to complete the task. For example, you can capture the lock box code at the time of hanging the combo box.

  2. You can retrieve and display any “additional info” previously captured in any other task. Simply copy the whole text string that appears (we call this the “variable” - e.g. {lockbox_combo}) and paste it into any other title or description. If you want to have a title (so it doesn’t just show up as “1234”), we recommend this: “Lockbox Combo: {lockbox_combo}” to remind yourself what the value is that you’re displaying in the other tasks.

Once the additional info is provided, it will be dynamically displayed everywhere you pasted the variable. This can be VERY powerful when juggling multiple transactions and/or delegating to someone else on the team.

You can also see and update all of your variables from your iOS app at any time (under Transaction Details)

5. Set the deadline date: how many business/calendar days before/after some other date in the system (click on anything underlined to toggle to the other answers)

Additional info e.g.:

F. Appointment tasks can be setup the same way as standard ones, so just click on the calendar if your task is something you want to schedule

G. You might not need all the inspections from the previous task, so you can add the Multiple Choice task and choose which ones apply:

1. Set multiple options and then decide what happens after that

2. Name your options

3. Click +OPTION to add more options

4. Select the task(s) you want the system to trigger next if you choose that option in a transaction

5. Select FINISH if you want to terminate the workflow if that potion is selected

6. Base your dates on previous events. We are scheduling this task to 2 business days after the Listing Agreement Effective Date:

H. This is the Single Choice Task, choose that when you need to decide whether an event is happening or not.

1. Select Single Choice Task

2. Name your options

3. Select the task corresponding to that option:

I. Once you are all done setting up your Smart Checklist, click “Save & Close”:


K. Click on the transaction you want to import the Smart Checklist to:

L. Let’s add our Smart Checklist to our Transaction!

1. Change Activity List to Smart Checklist View

2. Click +SIGN


M. To import Checklist:

1. Select your Smart Checklist

NOTE: Clozio will automatically display smart checklists available based on your role and the transaction stage

2. Click IMPORT:

N. Viola! Now let’s get back to work...

1. Click on your goal to expand it and see the taks inside

2. Click here to open your task

3. Click Complete to mark your task as “Done”

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