Basic User - Profile Setup

Basic User - Profile Setup

The Basic plan offers all the same benefits of our Standard, free plan, but with some extra bells and whistles for those who care about their brand. Basic includes Custom Branding, Google Calendar integration, and the Consolidated Activity Calendar in Mobile App. This will guide you through that setup.

Let’s start by updating your profile information, adding your happy face and shining logo

  1. Headshot is on top; click to browse or just drag and drop your profile picture and your logo into their respective areas.

Note: logos with a clear background look best, and a horizontal orientation looks better than vertical, if available.

  1. Choose an accent color that better complements your brand / logo
  2. Click Save
  3. Turn on Sync Calendar Appointments to allow Clozio to create appointments on your Google Calendar directly on your behalf
Note: Clozio will not make any changes to existing appointments on your calendar. Any appointment that you create within Clozio and elect to “send from” your calendar

You’re done! That was easy, right?

Did you know? Pro users can add favorite links to their profile to save time while adding them to their transactions. See how here.

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