Last fall, at the REALTORS® Mastery Summit, Clozio Co-Founder and CEO Matt Ross was inspired by Bryan Casella’s presentation on the benefits of classic lead generation techniques in an increasingly technology-driven field. Bryan hosts the Supreme Being Podcast and founded Modern Success coaching, so his recommendations are sure to motivate. This recap shares tried-and-true techniques and provides suggestions on how to incorporate door knocking into your real estate action plan.

Why Door Knocking Works

Door knocking is a classic real estate technique that is a worthwhile part of a real estate lead generation strategy. This is a free marketing strategy where you get to pick the neighborhood you want to build your business in. Even with all the technologies and more convenient ways to market your business, the best way to gain a person’s trust is through face-to-face networking.

Through door knocking, agents start laying the foundation for their business by building relationships within the community, inviting people to open houses, and welcoming new people who just moved into the neighborhood.

Tips for Building Your Business Through Door Knocking

Bryan Casella shares that he was broke at 27 and a millionaire by 31. He built his business from the ground by door knocking and making phone calls. Casella used to go door-to-door in the neighborhoods he wanted to sell in around 3 hours a day, minimum 6 days a week. It was not his favorite activity but as he says, “do it enough to create a habit” and from that he created an outstanding business. Casella shares 3 steps to consider when knocking and some relevant tips to use when approaching.

  1. Put this practice in your schedule: Define days and how many houses, setting a goal helps you to be consistent and disciplined.
  2. Have a follow-up system: Create a system with contact info and different categories to help you keep on track with contacts generated from these sessions.
  3. On your approach, be quick and clear.

How to Have Success With Door Knocking

To have success door knocking, build upon the 3 tips Bryan swears by. Put it in your schedule so you will follow through with your intentions. Be prepared with a follow-up system so you can act on the new contacts and leads you meet out in the field, and master your approach.

How to behave on the approach:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Be sure you are talking to the homeowner
  • Let them know it is going to be quick
  • Give a market update of the area
  • Ask about their interest in selling or buying houses
  • Get contact information

If you don’t know what to say, build yourself a well-practiced script based on this winning formula from Rachel Adams Lee of Keller Williams. Focus on friendliness, not the hard sell. Providing an item of worth, especially neighborhood value updates, offers the homeowner something valuable.
(Link: https://hub.realtor.com/resources/smarter-real-estate-door-knocking-script)

Adding to these door knocking steps, there are two more concepts on which to build your strategy. The first is to keep moving. It’s great to get face time with neighbors on the street where your new listing is located, and you want to meet as many of them as possible. Try not to get sucked into a conversation with an overly chatty neighbor, especially if you get the sense that they will not be selling any time soon. Have a few conversation-breaking phrases in your pocket, and move along to the next home.

The final tip is an important one: know your surroundings and trust your intuition. While plenty of the 2 million REALTORS® in the US go door knocking regularly and without incident, it is still prudent to remember your personal safety and leave potentially dangerous situations promptly. Many agents utilize the buddy system by bringing along a lender or other industry pro.

How Clozio Helps Grow Your Business

Systems are the key to success. Not only do you have to have a system to follow-up with the contacts you meet while door knocking, but you need to have a system to put the practice into your schedule.

Top agents are using Clozio to schedule door-to-door marketing at various points throughout the transaction. For example, smart checklists for open house prep may include tasks like print flyers, pick up open house signs, and go door knocking! You can even add in a post-closing door knock to remind the neighbors how you rocked the deal.

Remember: we judge others on actions and ourselves on intention. But intending to go door knocking is not enough — you actually have to do it!

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