Every REALTOR® knows that in 2020 they have to be on social media in order to reach as many potential clients as possible. There are so many platforms, different audiences, and so much competing content that it can feel hard to catch up, or even to make any headway at all. In this post, we are going to share some tips given by the Real Estate Entrepreneur and YouTuber Chastin Miles. He has over 1 million views and 35,200 loyal subscribers on his YouTube channel where he shares content about how to be successful in a real estate career and gives guidance on building brands. He spoke at REALTOR® Mastery Summit and we just had to share his secrets with you:

Prepping for your video:

  1. Identify your audience:

Videos are not “one size fits all.” Consider: What’s this person’s role in the home sales process? What’s their age? What do they like to do? Knowing who they are, you can work on making content you know is relevant to them.

  1. Look up to the trending topics in your industry:

Keep up to date on recent events and important facts in your industry.

  1. Look for people that are doing what you want to do:

Realize that the content you are about to create has probably already been done before. It’s not about making something new, it’s about you putting your fingerprint on it. Discover what is working for people who succeed and let them inspire you to do it in your own way.

Make sure your video is seen:

  1. Work with the algorithms:

Be aware of your social platform’s algorithms. For example, YouTube likes long videos because they want to keep people watching longer. YouTube will consider your video a success if there are lots of clicks to view, and then the viewers spend a high percentage of time watching the video, relative to total length. YouTube will then promote your video to a wider audience. Viewers do not have to watch the whole thing for your video to be considered successful! (Hootsuite)  If you can keep a user watching for at least 6 minutes, then YouTube will start to promote your video to more viewers.

  1. Craft the right title:

Choose attention-grabbing words like “Must Watch,” “Secret,” “Strategies,” and add the current year to show it’s something new. Also consider adding a number or a parenthetical to the end of the title. (Backlink)

  1. Offer value:

In the description underneath your video, add takeaways for your viewers: links, downloads, video notes, mailing lists, or links to other useful videos. This increases viewer confidence in your expertise and boosts SEO. (Hootsuite)

  1. Be consistent:

Not only should the look and quality of your videos be consistent, including branding, but ensure your audience knows when to expect the next post. If you’re unsure of when your next video will be live, ask them to subscribe so they will be promptly notified when you upload your next episode! (Out of the 925)

How to get weeks of content from one video:

  1. First, make sure your video is 8-10 minutes long and contains 3 to 5 sections. (Example: 5 different steps, 5 different tips, 5 different case studies...)
  1. Break your video into several smaller videos. These bite-sized videos can be shared on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. One to two minutes is generally good for these platforms: you can use the videos as a teaser to drive people to your YouTube! A couple of apps make this easier: Tube2Gram and Biteable.
  1. Transcribe your video into a useful blog post for those who would rather read than watch.
  1. Pull some of your best lines and turn them into a few shareable quote images. Make sure to attribute yourself! Add your name and/or logo underneath the quote.
  1. Pull the audio from your video and make it into a podcast.
  1. Compile the text from many videos and develop a book or e-book.

With these repurposing strategies, you can create many content items out of a single recording session. This way, you can reach a bigger audience, making yourself and your brand well-known through the many different platforms.

Useful tools recommended by Chastin Miles:

There is no shortage of websites and apps promising results. This curated list will help you decide which tools to add to your workflow. These tools have been vetted by social media pros and will help you be successful with the tips and tricks featured above.

  • SocialBlade.com: A statistics website that allows you to track your statistics and measure growth across multiple social media platforms.
  • BuzzSumo: A research and monitoring tool. You can see which content is most shared on social media channels by entering your own domain (or another domain), and see what has been shared recently.
  • Rev.com: A human transcription, caption, and translation website. Simply upload the video and it is transcripted into a text. Great for creating blog posts.
  • Buffer: A social network manager. Schedule posts on different social media platforms and your content is automatically posted to your account. Plan a whole week of social media posts in one day!

Put a content creation system into place:

Having a lot of content for your social platform is great, but it can be hard to manage. It’s important to remember the prep part of social media. Clozio helps successful agents with their myriad tasks and details throughout the whole transaction. For example, your smart checklist for Social Media Marketing Prep may include tasks like: create content, record video, and post new updates. You can pick your own dates and tasks, and make your social media presence on point and consistent!

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