Walnut Creek, CA - July, 2020. San Francisco Bay Area startup Clozio joins Zapier integration marketplace. Clozio’s next-generation productivity tools, available to agents, teams, and boutique brokerages, make time management and transaction transparency easy.

Clozio pioneered the Transaction Productivity category in PropTech, providing tools that empower real estate professionals to increase their production while elevating their customer service from Contract-to-Congrats. Zapier provides “easy automation for busy people,” moving info between web apps automatically, so real estate professionals can focus on their most important work.

“Professionals make money using their brains… not their keyboards.”

Real Estate is fraught with redundant tasks and duplicate data entry. Allowing agents to source their contact data from their CRM, email account, and/or spreadsheet will save 20-30% processing time while setting up a new transaction. “Real Estate professionals make money using their brains and their relationships, not their keyboards,” shared Matt Ross, Clozio’s Co-Founder & CEO. “I’m excited to help our users recover their valuable time for more productive activities.”

Clozio’s commitment to help real estate agents streamline their transactions and reduce inbox traffic has made the app a favorite among busy agents and teams. Notable features include smart checklists and integrations with Google Calendar. Clozio’s free “Starter” package allows agents to invite clients and colleagues to collaborate on a transaction within Clozio, reducing friction, uncertainty, and questions about the transaction while improving transparency and efficiency.

“Clozio’s goal is to remove the friction from real estate transactions. To do that, we need to eliminate duplicate data entry and ensure that all parties to a transaction have the right information available at the right time,” explained Ross. “Clozio has always helped agents look polished and professional by providing their clients with visibility into their transactions -- and this Summer, we’re making it faster and easier to set up!”

About Clozio‍ 

Clozio offers a productivity and transaction management platform made for solo agents, teams, and brokerages. They have a simple vision: to eliminate friction from the real estate transaction, allowing agents to grow their business without sacrificing their customer service. Clozio wants agents to make each of their clients to feel like their only client. With the Clozio platform, real estate professionals can deliver outstanding service, increase their revenue, and improve client loyalty and referrals. Learn more at clozio.com.


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