San Francisco, September 24, 2019 --  Clozio, the provider of a collaboration platform for high-performing agents, announced the launch of Smart Checklists today, which helps agents engage the right person, at the right time, with the right information. The announcement coincides with Clozio's selection as a finalist for the California Association of Realtors’ Innovators' workshop What's Next - Tech Challenge at the annual REimagine conference.

Today, most agents and their teams spend at least one hour per day oriented in their to-do lists. The real estate professionals who use Clozio are currently managing all of the tasks across all of their transactions in a single, mobile friendly view, alleviating much of the time and frustration it takes to close a transaction on time.

With the addition of Clozio’s new Smart Checklists, tasks are now managed even more seamlessly. New functionality like variable dates allow agents to automatically populate deadlines based on other activities. For example, Clozio will automatically trigger marketing tasks to the right owner after photos are received, and not before. Pertinent information like lock box numbers can dynamically be referenced in other subsequent tasks with a click of a button, alleviating the burden of small details from the agent’s daily task list.

Clozio also is announcing the launch of new reporting where agents and their teams can see how frequently their clients visit their transaction hub, and how long they stay. These reports help agents understand the engagement and possible anxiety of their clients, a digital view that hasn’t been possible before. With this information agents using Clozio can now proactively reach out to their agents to de-stress their transaction, and create a better client experience.


Heather Watkins

About Clozio:

Clozio tames the chaos of buying and selling for both agents and their clients. Our collaboration platform provides a central hub for agents and their clients to easily communicate and manage their todos, task lists and timelines. With Clozio, agents can spend more time delighting their clients, and less time on repetitive tasks and questions.

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