Clozio’s commitment to help real estate agents organize their work and impress their clients continues to turn heads in the mortgage and real estate technology sector. HousingWire, a leader in the U.S. mortgage and housing markets, recently selected Clozio as one of the top technology products driving innovation in real estate into 2020.

HousingWire’s audience relies on their news and information to move markets forward, finding the “why” behind the daily news. The HW Tech100 program is the only program highlighting tech innovation that captures the entire U.S. housing economy, spanning real estate to mortgage lending, servicing, and investments. It recognizes forward-thinking companies that are transforming the data experience and what it can do for real estate companies.

“This year’s Tech100 winners blew past innovation, moving beyond innovation to transformation,” HousingWire Associate Magazine Editor Kelsey Ramírez said. “In both the real estate and mortgage sectors, fintech companies continue to create new ways to approach the housing process, improving efficiencies, cutting costs and creating a new experience for all parties involved.”

HousingWire’s praise for Clozio’s Software: “Creating transparency and predictability”

Clozio helps real estate agents tame the chaos of home buying and selling, for themselves and their clients. Its collaboration platform provides a central hub for easy communication, task management and timeline tracking. Agents can spend more time delighting clients and less on repetitive tasks and questions. Clozio gives top professionals one place to manage all of their to-do lists and timelines on-the-go while keeping every transaction on track.

  • Make process simple and predictable
  • Create transparency for the blackbox of listing and escrow
  • Receive alerts when deadlines are approaching

What makes Clozio stand out is that the predictability and transparency we create eliminates the chaos that can accompany many transactions. Buying and selling real estate can be confusing and overwhelming for first-time buyers or sellers. Given how often clients call or message their agent, they want to know what to expect. If they feel left out of the loop, they may develop a negative opinion of the process (and their agent!).

Moving Beyond Innovation

Clozio built a platform to improve efficiencies and create a new experience for everyone. It can be difficult to put that data to work to improve the experience for consumers and real estate professionals, and move markets forward. Buyers and sellers deserve clear and timely information. Realtors deserve elegant tech. Clozio provides both.

Our collaboration platform provides a central hub for agents and their clients to easily communicate and manage their task lists and timelines. With Clozio, agents can spend more time delighting their clients, and less time on repetitive tasks and questions. That’s just one way that we’re changing the face of real estate transactions.

Raising the Bar on Service

When it comes to delighting clients, more features doesn’t always mean better success. Clozio’s deliberately simple transaction management software empowers agents to provide predictability and transparency to their consumers during the home buying and selling process. We offer a powerhouse of features including:

  • A streamlined mobile app so you don’t miss a thing while on the go
  • Powerful analytics to help you figure out where to spend your time
  • A detailed transaction calendar to keep everyone on the same page
  • Custom branding to elevate your client’s journey

Clozio fills in the digital gap during escrow, when clients are often wondering “what’s next”? Knowledge is power, so we combined tasks with a calendar to seamlessly keep everyone on the same page. It gives agents a central place to store information your clients need, as well as access to contact info for everyone in their transaction team.

Agents can manage their to do list and transaction specifics to offer their clients a personalized touch, resulting in improved retention and more completed transactions. Since everyone can access the same information, agents spend less time answering client questions and more time closing deals.

Clozio understands what real estate professionals need because we’ve been there ourselves. Combining technical expertise with in-depth research into the needs of agents and consumers, Clozio is changing the way information is shared. Our innovative platform empowers real estate agents to create experiences that blow past expectations.

HousingWire is the most influential source of news and information for the U.S. mortgage and housing markets. Built on a foundation of independent and original journalism, HousingWire reaches over 60,000 newsletter subscribers daily and over 7.5 million unique visitors each year. Our audience of mortgage, real estate, financial services and fintech professionals rely on us to Move Markets Forward. Visit www.housingwire.com or www.solutions.housingwire.com to learn more.

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