San Francisco, March 2020. Bay Area proptech startup Clozio continues to gain attention from industry thought leaders. Clozio’s next-generation productivity tools, available to agents, teams, and boutique brokerages, make time management and transaction transparency easy.

Matt Ross, Co-Founder and CEO of Clozio, joined the ReThink Real Estate podcast to discuss an evergreen reminder to agents: The client experience is the key to success. Speaking with Chris Lazarus, Christian Harris, and Nathan White, Matt dives into some of the factors that inspired him to found Clozio, which focuses on the consumer experience level of the transaction and empowers agents to deliver top-notch customer service. On top of that, Matt shares how agents who erase friction, provide five-star customer service, and create a lasting impression earn more commissions. 

“We [agents] need our clients talking about our service, while it’s happening and after it’s happened … Delivering referral-worthy service can and will increase the velocity of deals.” - Matt Ross, Co-Founder of Clozio 

The ReThink Real Estate podcast features thought leaders from different corners of the real estate sphere, engaging them in frank discussion on business success and industry trends. RTRE is an Industry Syndicate podcast

Clozio’s real estate agent success technology earned the innovative proptech startup nods on a few year-end roundups for 2019. Inman, the leading independent real estate news source recognized Clozio as One of 10 Tech Products We Loved in 2019. Clozio’s commitment to help real estate agents streamline their transaction timelines and reduce inbox clutter has made the app a favorite among busy agents. Notable features include smart checklists and integrations with Google Calendar. Agents can invite clients, transaction coordinators, fellow agents, and other affiliates to collaborate on a transaction within Clozio, reducing friction and questions within the transaction and greatly reducing email clutter.

About Clozio‍ 

Clozio is the only mobile-first productivity and transaction oversight platform made for agents, teams, and brokers. They have a simple vision: to allow agents to grow their business without sacrificing their customer service. Clozio wants each agent to make each of their clients to feel like their only client. With the Clozio platform, real estate professionals can deliver outstanding service, increase their revenue, and improve client loyalty and referrals. Learn more at Clozio.com.

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