Walnut Creek, CA - November, 2020.

The old adage: you have to spend money to make money, resonates across the real estate industry. Whether it’s building their brand, acquiring leads, or publicizing their latest listings, agents know that reaching the right person comes at a cost. Top producing agents also know that commission checks too often come in ebbs-and-flows, while expenses tend to show up like clockwork. Rather than racking up credit card debt (and the stress that often accompanies it), agents should leverage commission advance services to unlock their future earnings when they need it most. That’s why Clozio integrated with eCommission -- to help agents effortlessly unlock their future earnings, today.

Cash flow cycles have always been challenging for real estate professionals. And Covid-19 further strained professionals’ budgets. Agents are spending more on digital marketing and PPE; meanwhile, tight inventory results in more competition for listings and more competing (and losing) offers. When agents do ultimately have a ratified contract, they typically have less cash in their pocket to capitalize on the opportunity to strengthen their brand awareness, drive referrals, and secure tomorrow’s leads. 

“The choice between feeding one’s family and feeding one’s pipeline is, unfortunately -- all too common. And while that choice sounds easy and obvious, it doesn’t accurately capture the array of options available,” shares Matt Ross, Co-Founder & CEO of Clozio. “I’m proud of our partnership with eCommission. Together, we’re empowering agents to accelerate the velocity of their deals by reducing the cycle times between receiving commissions and investing in marketing. This has the potential to triple an agent’s production! All without any duplicate data entry.”

About eCommission

eCommission has provided agents convenient access to their commissions for 20 years. The service provides agents control of when they get paid, allowing them to grow their business at their own pace. eCommission is rated 4.9 on TrustPilot and is endorsed by top real estate companies nationwide. They can wire an advance up to $15,000 in within a few hours of receiving a completed application. Learn more at ecommission.com/clozio 

About Clozio‍ 

Clozio offers a productivity and transaction management platform made for solo agents, teams, and brokerages. Clozio has a simple vision: to eliminate friction from the real estate transaction, allowing agents to grow their business without sacrificing their customer service. Clozio wants agents to make each of their clients to feel like their only client. With the Clozio platform, real estate professionals can deliver outstanding service, increase their revenue, and improve client loyalty and referrals. Learn more at clozio.com.

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