Throughout my years of experience in finance and real estate, I observed the problems most real estate agents face and heard common praise and complaints from their clients as well. After completing my 9th residential transaction, I decided that it’s just unfair that an agent’s service is too often eroded by their success.  That’s why we first created a bespoke support platform for agents - to help them focus on activities that would drive new revenue, stop wasting time booking inspections. 

While our initial service helped realtors immensely, there were still issues Clozio had the potential to fix. Some common problems I still noticed were:

  • Today’s consumers expect more from their agents. And recent advancements in searching property inventory, scheduling showings, reviewing disclosures, and signing electronically delight clients and professionals-alike. But once a Listing or Purchase Agreement is signed, the digital tools to engage and inform clients disappear. 
  • Agents spend a lot of time stressing about small tasks and todos, often sending sporadic emails and texts in the middle of the night, never feeling like they can truly disconnect.
  • Clients' only source of information once they sign a Listing or Purchase Agreement is often a conversation with their agent directly. They frequently describe the entire escrow process as a black box, leaving them anxious and confused.
  • Client reviews of their agents are too often focused on how the agent was always accessible to answer their questions. Reviews seldom mention that their agent anticipated their questions and provided clarity and transparency proactively.
  • Agents spend a lot of time repeatedly performing the same processes over and over, wasting time they could be using investing in client experience or additional referrals. 

To solve these common challenges, we are releasing a new suite of productivity tools for real estate professionals like yourself.  Some of the features in this release include:

  • Transaction Hub - Allows you to effortlessly manage all your transactions from one place. This transaction tool makes it extremely easy to visualize the work needed for each transaction without having to hassle with sticky notes, out-dated checklists, and spreadsheet trackers. Once you setup a transaction, you can effortlessly track all activities: appointments, tasks, and milestones; monitor the overall status; and prioritize your limited time, knowing where to focus next. 
  • Smart Checklists -  Personalized, dynamic checklists ensure that your team members are engaged at the right time, with the right information, while keeping everyone else (including your clients) apprised of progress. 
  • Custom timeline and calendar views - Everyone involved (yes, everyone! --clients, escrow officers, transaction coordinators, lenders, cooperating agents, annoying in-laws, etc.) can be invited to each transaction to align around the same dates and share activities. Of course, clients may not enjoying seeing all the details, and it’s not always appropriate to share everything with everyone, so you have total control over who sees what.
  • Custom branding - We know that you work hard to build your brand. We’re here to help! Our custom branding options allow you to maintain brand consistency with colors and imagery, leaving your clients with a positive brand experience! 

You can read the full press release here.  It all started with a simple vision: to ensure that every agent has the right information at the right time, allowing them to make each of their clients feel like their only client. We want to make sure this message transfers over to your lives. We are happy to answer any questions and welcome all feedback; we want to make sure Clozio gives you time back to invest with your family, your friends, your community, and of course, your business. 

Create an account here to experience the benefits of these new features. And download the iOS app to have access and alerts wherever you are! We hope you enjoy the new and improved Clozio. 

Make it a great day! 

Matt Ross
CEO of Clozio 

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